FAQs on How to Rephrase

how to paraphrase correctly

Are paraphrasing and summarizing the same?
No; summarizing seeks to draw out the main points from a piece of writing and present them in a very concise manner; usually reducing the length of the original writing significantly. Paraphrasing, however, seeks to repeat the full meaning of the source text and will often result in writing that is going to be around the same length as the original piece.
Does your service know how to rephrase sentences for my paper without any issues with plagiarism?
One of the biggest reasons for paraphrasing is to avoid issues with plagiarism or copying. Our experts fully understand this and will always ensure that they avoid any possibility of copying in their rewording. We also fully test for plagiarism and will provide you with a free report to show that the work produced is unique.
Do you know how to rephrase a paragraph in English?
One of the biggest issues with using online services that people complain about is receiving writing that has been written by someone that clearly has very poor English writing skills. All of our writers have native level writing skills. We also thoroughly proofread all work produced to ensure that all writing is done to the standards that our clients expect.
Why do I need to paraphrase? Can I not just copy the original and use it again?
Copying is plagiarism and can lead to some serious repercussions in both education and beyond. If you use someone else’s words and ideas you need to provide a proper citation to give them credit and in some areas such as commercial use on a website, you will have to have permission to use. By rewriting we avoid issues with plagiarism however we should still give credit with a proper citation.
Do you know how to rephrase quickly?
When you sign up for our services the order form has a drop-down menu for the timescale within which you need your work paraphrasing. With our paraphrasing website you can get work done is as little as 24 hours and we guarantee to always deliver the work on time.
Do you know how to rephrase thesis pages in the correct format?
One of the things that we are often asked to do is to rewrite thesis or dissertation pages and even whole papers due to incorrect writing styles, overly complex writing and a host of other issues. Our rewriters are experts within the fields in which they work and fully understand the different formats that your work needs to be formatted within.
What if I am not happy with the rewriting that you provide?
Our rewriters work with you to fully understand the audience and the purpose for your rewriting so that they can target the rewriting correctly. Once completed you will be provided with a draft. You are entitled to an unlimited number of revisions and our experts will work with you until you are completely satisfied with the results.

What guarantees do you offer through your rephrasing website?
Our aim is your full and complete satisfaction so that you will continue to use our services for all of your writing and rewriting needs. We offer you all of the following guarantees:
  • Guaranteed confidentiality through our services
  • Error-free writing with free proofreading
  • Guaranteed unique text with a free plagiarism report
  • Only on-time delivery
  • Guaranteed money refund

If you have any additional questions on how to rephrase or simply wish to make an order just contact our experts now!